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Optional Extras

Add atmosphere to your disco party with these optional extras

If you really want to add some extra impact to your kids disco, then adding some optional extras like prizes, disco lights and/or face-painting can make all the difference.

We play around 4 x games and there are usually 8-10 x winners in total. Extra prizes help motivate participation in games and will also help your party ‘pop’.

Here are a few cool ideas for winning prizes of the games. Kids love sparkly things or things they can wear at discos, like funky glasses, necklaces or wrist bands etc.

Depending on their age, ‘Smiggles’ and ‘Shopkins’ are super popular at the moment too!

I am happy to supply your party prizes (if I have stock) but also feel free to use my prizes as a guide only and organise your own from your most convenient stockist – it’s totally up to you!

4-Pack LED Finger Lights – $4.00

(kids of all ages love these!)

Disco glasses – $4.00 each

(adds colour & fun to photos!)

Kids funky gloves – $5.00 each

(great for 6-12 yr old girls)

Mini KitKat Bars

$40 for 50 bars or $20 for 25 bars

Inflatable Guitars – $15

(always a hit with boys and girls!)

DJ KitKat Designer Cap – $25.00

(A great prize for all DJ KitKat fans)

Face painting is a great add-on to any disco package and really encourage buzz and interaction between the kids.

For smaller groups/events, we have our own in-house team of glitter & face-painters which can make a great combo party: eg. 30 mins face-painting and 1.5-hour disco. Coming soon, check out our ‘Combo Parties’.

If you’re looking for more elaborate designs for larger groups/events, our preferred suppliers are:

Tink at Art Illusions

W: http://www.facebook.com/beautiful.art.Illusions
Ph: 0450 209 179

Anne at Fantasy Art

W: http://www.fantasy-art.com.au
Ph: 0499 201 255

You will be amazed at what lights can do to transform your lounge room or venue into a pumping disco. If you want to raise the bar on the ‘look’ of your party check out the optional extra lighting & special effects below.

Our favourite supplier ‘Lights to Party’ provides any extra lighting needs. Perfect for school discos, special occasions and corporate & community gigs. They are super reasonable and helpful, speak to Vicky, she’s the bomb of lighting solutions! 

Lights to Party

W: www.lightstoparty.com.au
Ph: 0430 001 613
9/111 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale

Note: There may be extra delivery, set-up & pick-up charges for different locations and certain installation(s). Please ask.

Black Light Package $120.00

Includes 2 x LED Black Light Panels on stands.

These Black Light Panels are just what you need if you are planning a black light /Fluro/UV disco party. Blacklight Panels suit small to medium areas.

Great for an 80’s themed party, white party or glow-in-the-dark party. You could go all out with UV make-up, body paint or glowsticks!

Mirror Ball Package $110.00

(Supplied by Lights to Party)

Includes 16-inch mirror ball with motor for rotation. Placed onto a truss stand with 2 x pin lights to create that real disco feel.

This package has everything you need to throw an authentic disco party!

Moonflower disco package $70

(Supplied by Lights to Party) 

Includes moonflower disco light and lighting stand for the light to project rotating colours and patterns onto the dance floor.

The LED Moonflower disco light is perfect to create movement on your dance floor, encouraging participants to stay on that dance floor. Sound activated, goes with the beat of the music.

Want to add even more excitement to your disco? Add a smoke machine!

By adding a smoke machine to the party it means you not only get the patterns from the disco lights but you will also get lovely colorful beams of light coming off the light as well.

Option 1. Manual Smoke Machine

(Supplied by DJ KitKat)

The manual smoke machine comes full of safe water-based liquid enough that you will not run out. With this unit, you will need to press a button on the remote when you want to add some smoke in the air. We use a heavy fog however so the smoke will stay around for a good 10 minutes or longer dependent on the size of the event space

Option 2. Phaser
(Automated Smoke Machine) $65.00

(Supplied by Lights to Party)

This automated smoke machine includes a full tank of safe water-based fluid and being automatic it means that you don’t have to press a button every time you want the smoke to come out.
We can set it on a timer, set for the size of the venue.


What’s in the smoke fluid?

All smoke fluid is a non-toxic water-based fluid and MSDS can be provided upon request. We do not use any oil-based fluids that are used in Hazers. The smoke fluid is made up of glycol (which we use in cake mixture) and deionized water so safe to use!

Balloons really add that extra party vibe when mixed with disco lights and entertainment.

Born to Party are our favourite balloon suppliers, speak to Lucy, she’s got fantastic creative ideas and really knows how colours work together! Check out their ‘Glitter-bomb’ balloons!

Born to Party

W: www.borntoparty.com.au
Ph: 02 9960 5666
3 Spit Rd, Mosman

If you want to take your event to the next level, our favourite event stylist is ‘Stage My Event’, speak to Brette, she’s got great incredible vision for any kind of theme!

Stage My Event

W: http://www.stagemyevent.com.au
Ph: 0401 962 031
Northern Beaches

Prices vary depending on the type of package/equipment used: $25 – $50. Please call to discuss.

Great for wanna-be pop-stars: encourages self-esteem, confidence & creative expression.

Recommended for older kids parties (from 8+ yrs) where turn-taking is not an issue! 🙂

Have you ever gone to a party and wished you could relive it again and again?

Having a music video clip is a great way to capture all the memories and fun for years to come. You’re investing in a great event, and having a video is the evidence to remember it by!

Having a professional video person on hand means you get to actually enjoy the party, rather than worrying about getting the perfect action shots. Professional editing means that the lighting and sound can be tweaked (so there’s no more home videos of silhouettes, fuzzy shots or blaring music).

When kids see themselves on camera, it can boost their self-esteem, confidence and creative expression. It’s also great to have camera footage to share with family or friends who can’t make it to the party.

Kids grow up so quickly, and having a video to capture those special moments is priceless! (And getting great footage when they’re young means you’ll have footage to show at their 21st).

Videos are not only great for kids parties, but for parties for Grown-ups as well.

There is a range of video packages available. These are designed so you don’t have to worry about anything – we take care of the video and post-production (arranging the camera guy coming to your party, professional editing, adding music & sound, and of course the DVD/USB delivered to your door).

Video is truly the best way to capture great memories for special occasions. For more information on finding a package that works for you, call me (Katka) on 0407 106 099 

Airbrush tattoos are a hit at any kids party, and are great for kids who are too old (or too cool!) for face-painting. We can arrange a tattoo artist to accompany your DJ KitKat disco booking.

The paints used in airbrush tattoos are completely safe. They last up to one week (although the tattoos are 100% removable with soap and water in case they need to be gone for school).

Another advantage is how quickly tattoos take to apply. Airbrush tattoo-ists can do 30 or more children an hour, whereas face-painters can only do up to ten.

There are heaps of themed tattoos (and a few standard ones for the mums & dads). Our standard set of designs includes skulls, butterflies, animals lettering, Celtic designs, flowers… and more. We can even create custom tattoos just for the party.

DJ KitKat can arrange a tattoo artist to come to your party for the following rates:
• From $150 for 1 hour
• From $225 for 2 hours

A good DJ gets people dancing –
a great DJ makes you never want to stop!