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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you bring to the disco? Do you provide lights?

We bring a professional sound system (with a powerful PA system/microphone), our extensive music collection, 2 x LED disco lights, bubble machine, games & entertainment.

Since these are our most commonly asked questions, we decided to dedicate a whole page to it. Please see Our Set-Up page.

What kind of music do you play? Can we make requests?

Of course you can make requests! We play the latest top trending songs (or if you prefer ‘old-school’ we have old classics for the whole family too).

We encourage you to email your favourite songs to us 3 days before your event. If you are tech-savvy, you can also share your requests through Spotify, share the link with us, and we’ll put it all together.

How much space do I need for the party?

It depends on the number of party people. Our set-up space requires 1 – 2 sqm, so your party space/dance floor would need to be at least 5 – 6 sqm to fit us all in.

For home parties, most people choose an area in their home that has an open floor space. People often move furniture to create more room or temporarily clear out the garage. The area does not have to be huge.

Please ensure there is enough ceiling height for the disco host (there’s nothing worse than hitting your head on the basement ceiling over the course of a 2-hour party!)

Do I need to provide anything? What do you need from me?

  • A clear floor space at least 5 – 6 sqm
  • Power source eg. 1 x powerpoint
  • Optional prizes for the winners of the kid’s games
  • Supervision and/or crowd control

Can we host the party in the backyard or outside?

Yes, we host many parties in backyards or on decks. There must be a power supply and adequate protection for the equipment from direct sunlight & rain.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather so we recommend having a back-up indoor location in the event of rain. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice for weather will still incur the full charge.

Do you provide the venue?

No, we come to you. We have hosted discos in private homes as well as public premises such as community centres, local RSL clubs, restaurants, scout halls, church halls, etc.

Please visit your local council website to find what venues are for hire in your local area. If you’re in the Northern Beaches, check out: https://www.northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au/community/community-centres-and-venues

Or ask me – I may know of a good hall near you.

Do you come to my area?

We mainly work in the Northern Beaches and North Shore, because that’s where we’re based. However, we do service the Sydney metro area and are happy to travel for a small travel fee.

Please be aware that we charge more to travel to gigs that are more than 30 mins drive from the Northern Beaches, especially during ‘peak season’ so please contact us for a quote.

Do you only do kids’ birthday parties?

No. We do all different types of parties and events, large & small, across different venues, indoor & outdoor, among varied Community and Corporate sectors.

Do you do parties for adults as well?

Yes. We do lots of birthday parties, Christmas events, charity gigs, P&C fundraisers, school reunions and more…

Sometimes the parents have so much fun at our kids’ parties, they think “I want DJ KitKat for my 40th!” Rest assured, we play all the classics that make parties for grown-ups rock too.

How many kids can I have at the event?

This varies depending on the type of event you have booked. Please refer to our Children’s Party Package page or call me for your individual needs. Generally, the more the merrier! ☺

What ages do you cater for?

Mostly we specialise in children’s events, aged 6-13 yrs old, or for those who attend primary school. However, we can cater for all ages, especially events, where there are mixed age-groups as most of the Top 40 songs, covers a wide range of kids’ taste in music.
‘The Original’ DJ KitKat has been known to play at select ‘grown-up’ parties and Corporate events too.

What’s the difference between a younger kids party and an older kids party?

In general, for 5-10 year olds, it’s an interactive structured disco party with games. For those over 10 years old, it’s more of a freestyle dance party with less/no games. That way the older kids won’t roll their eyes and say ‘not another baby disco’.

Do DJ KitKat parties cater for boys?

Yes, our disco parties cater to boys just as much as for girls. We tailor each of our kid’s disco parties to suit your child’s age, gender and taste in music.

We know boys can be more competitive so we can introduce more musical games such as ‘Fortnite’ dance battles or team dance-offs if that’s what they’re into.

What games do you play? Can we choose our own?

We usually play cool & modern versions of traditional games like musical statues, limbo, ‘corners’, ‘hugs’, other fun partner games like a speciality ‘Twister’ game and more!

Depending on the age-group and as requested, we are also known for our awesome girl vs boy dance-offs and dance-battles. If this is on your child’s disco wish list, please check with us to see if this is suitable for their age.

Of course, you can choose if you want/don’t want a particular game at your party/event. For example, we usually avoid elimination games for younger age-groups and have more competitive games for the older ones or none at all.

We are happy to tailor the games to suit your child’s age, gender and taste in music to maximise participation.

How many games do you play? Who provides the prizes?

Depending on the age-group and type of party, we usually play 3-4 games and there can be about 8-10 winners in total.

Extra prizes help motivate participation in games. If you don’t have the time to organize your own, we can supply prizes at an additional cost such as LED finger-lights, funky sunglasses, colourful fishnet gloves or our new DJ KitKat caps. Please check out our Optional Extras/Prizes page.

We are also totally cool if you prefer to use our prizes as a guide only and you would like to organise your own.

How do I know my kids are safe with you?

We carefully select entertainers who share the same high level of care for kids. Each team member has been approved by the NSW Government’s ‘The Office of the Children’s Guardian’ and possess a ‘Working with Children’s Check’ Clearance Letter. We commit to OH&S guidelines to ensure equipment and cables are set up safely. For your peace of mind, we also have $20M Public Liability Insurance.

For more details please refer to our Meet the Team page.

What is the role of the DJ KitKat entertainer?

Our DJs/Disco hosts are trained to entertain and inspire kids to DANCE, EXPRESS THEMSELVES and HAVE FUN through music.

For birthday parties, our aim is to make the birthday child feel extra special at their party.

We are skilled at controlling large groups of children however we do require the parent-hosts/event organisers to stay close by and assist with supervision/crowd control.

How can we help create an environment for a successful party?

The best things parents can do are:

  • Clear space for the party
  • Ensure food is cleared away during the disco so the children will stay focused on the dancing & games
  • Serve party food halfway through the party to refuel
  • Have the birthday cake ready for the end of the party

Have any other questions?

Feel free to send us an email at info@djkitkat.com.au or call us on 0407 106 099.

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