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I was very anxious about handling the kids on my own. This was the first time I hired an entertainer. It was nice to have the support of someone who had more experience with kids’ parties. You were amazing with the kids.

You kindly emailed and called me on the lead up to the party to reassure me everything would be ok. You made it a breeze, thank you!

Shannon G


Thanks for the courtesy call a few days before and also on the day to let us know you were on your way – one less thing to worry about!

I appreciated that you turned up with enough time prior to the party starting to get ready before the guests got there (so many kids entertainers get thereafter the party has started which means that the parents are trying to control and entertain kids while making sure the entertainer has everything they need).

Joanna W.


I was impressed by your prompt and detailed response to my enquiry email. Thank you!

Eloise K.


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