About DJ KitKat

Who is DJ KitKat?

DJ KitKat is me, Katka Zajac. I'm a specialist kids DJ, working mainly in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the North Shore. I also have a team of Disco Hosts called the ‘Kool-Kats’ so we can get around to more gigs in the greater Sydney area.

I've been an entertainer since 1994

Before I was DJ KitKat, I worked as a professional dancer, an aerobics instructor and as a global events marketer. In 2007, I started DJ KitKat while studying my Early Childhood degree. I wanted to combine my love of kids and my passion for music & dance.

I've entertained over 20,000 kids …

…and that’s not including all the adults, parents and grandparents who usually join in the fun! I have DJ-ed all over Sydney - big gigs and small, from community festivals and fundraisers to schools and sports groups. And, of course, plenty of family homes! I’ve done corporate gigs and Christmas parties too. Want to know more? Please check out 'Our Happy Clients' >>

My clients come to me for something special

There are plenty of children’s entertainers and DJs out there who'll do a good job. Not many will do a great job. My clients keep coming to me because they're after something special. And that's what I give them. A good DJ gets people dancing - a great DJ makes you never want to stop.

I'm successful because...

I know that DJ-ing for families is more than just choosing the right songs. It’s about connection - connecting with the music and connecting with each other.

I am interested in YOU and what will make YOUR party ‘pop’. I create an all-inclusive atmosphere so no one feels left out. If someone is feeling shy, awkward, too young or too old, I will dance with them until they’re ready to let go!

I’m not the kind of DJ who clings to her DJ corner, playing her favourite tunes and forgetting about the kids. You’ll find me on the dance floor with my audience (no matter their age). My parties are ALL about the kids (not how cool/uncool the DJ is!)

The best part of my job is…

…seeing everyone on the dancefloor – kids, parents and grandparents – singing and dancing together. By the end of the party, the whole family will want to join in (although, of course, there’s no pressure – you’re welcome to watch from the sidelines).

Want to Know more?...

Is DJ KitKat your real name?

DJ KitKat is my stage name. My real name is ‘Katka’, (a Czech name) that can be tricky for some kids to pronounce. Someone once called me ‘KitKat’, and it’s a nickname that stuck!

How do you know how to handle the kids so well?

Kids bring the best out in me! I am also enrolled in a Masters of Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University and have 2 years’ experience as a teacher’s learning facilitator.

Where do you get the energy & moves from?

I love seeing the joy in kids’ faces – that’s where I get my energy from! I also have 10 years’ experience as a professional performer and dancer.

My experience includes training at The Sydney Dance Company, as well as being a member of overseas dance troupes, an accredited fitness leader & aerobics instructor, NSW finalist in Reebok & Suzuki Aerobic Championships and an accredited After-School Care Sports Coach with The Australian Institute of Sport and the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation.

You seem to be more professional than an average children’s entertainer.
What’s your secret?

My professionalism comes from working in the corporate world in a past life. That means you’ll get prompt communication from me and attention to detail. I know what it takes to run a successful event because of my background in global events marketing.

I also have the skills to help you plan an awesome party. I can help you organise a simple, no-fuss event… or a party with ‘all the bells & whistles’ – decorations, prizes, cake suppliers, and post production video footage! 'See Optional Extras' page >>

Once I arrive at your place, you’ll be grateful for my experience! I confidently take control of the entertainment (so you don’t have to). I know how to use music and games to make the party flow and so the kids don’t get bored.

Before DJ KitKat, I also worked as a Fairy, Clown, DJ and Disco Host for some of Sydney’s popular children’s entertainment groups such as The Clown Doctors, Bop Till You Drop and Moby Disc. I enjoyed working for these other companies … and I now love the opportunity to bring a DJ KitKat flavour to all I do!.

What’s your life philosophy? Do you do any charity work?

I love being of service to the community. I am a proud ambassador for selected children’s charities such as Barnardos, The Shepherd Centre and Camp Quality. I have even been a volunteer performer in the Closing Ceremony at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. I’m able to ‘pay it forward’ because of people like yourself who support my business.

How do I know your other Disco Hosts, the ‘Kool-Kats’, are going to be as good as DJ KitKat?

I have hand-picked and personally trained the 'Kool-Kats' to embrace the unique DJ KitKat style. Although each of the 'Kool-Kats' has her own unique personality, all of us have the same DJ KitKat enthusiasm, love of kids and musical know-how. We are all also studying ECC or have some working with kids qualifications so we are all skilled at managing small and large groups of children.

How do I know my kids are safe?

I carefully select entertainers who share the same high level of care for kids. We have all been approved by ‘The Working with Children & Young People Commission’ and have had Police Record Checks. We commit to OH&S guidelines to ensure equipment and cables are set up safely. For your peace of mind, we also have $10M Public Liability Insurance.

I hear you’re pretty busy. How do I book a DJ KitKat party?

Usually you’ll need to book a month before your party, depending on the season. October to December is peak party season - so first in, best dressed! If you have a last-minute booking, please feel free to give me a call - you never know when a space might be available!
Or please go straight to 'Make a Booking' >>

What our clients are saying..

" DJ KitKat’s enthusiasm is a great bonus - always a smile and very accommodating. "
Kate H.

" I don’t know where you get your energy from but I sure would love a little of it!! "
Sharon P.

" DJ KitKat is a parent’s dream when they host a kid’s party! Thank you. "

Brooke T.

" It was nice to have the support from someone who had experience with kids’ parties. You were amazing with the kids.

You’re the whole package! You seem like a really nice person who is doing it for the love of it. "

Shannon G.

" We wanted the latest music that the kids could relate to. We were happy to pay the money for something really exceptional.

The girls had a ball and the parents got into the dancing too - the music was great!  The girls didn't want the party to end! Awesome entertainment - worth every cent! "
Skye O.
" I saw DJ KitKat at our club on New Year’s Eve! She was awesome and kept all of the kids (and most of the adults) entertained all night! I thoroughly recommend her!! "
Adam H.

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