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Handing out the lolly bags are a great way to end your party. No doubt they’ll be talked about amongst the kids! “What’s in yours?” “Wow, look what I got in mine!” “I’m going to keep this!”
Remember, the lolly bag is your way of saying ‘thank you’ to the guests for coming. It’s a tangible gift for the guests to take with them (unless of course they eat the contents before they even leave!).

Preparing the lolly bags are also a chance for you and your kids to get into party mode. This is one aspect of the party that the kids will definitely get involved in!

The star, or the first impressions of the lollybag, starts with the tag. Think about the message you want to say:

  • Thanks for coming to my party!
  • Thanks for being my friend!

Tags are great to tie your theme in too (bring on the cheesy puns!)

  • I dig your friendship! (see mini shovel lollybags below)
  • Thanks for making my party a rockin’ good time!
  • Thanks for dancing with me!

1. What it’s like on the outside: Bag / Box / Cylinders / Something else

Fancy Lolly Bags/Boxes
You can buy all sorts of containers in a variety of themes and colours these days.

Hot tip: If you don’t want kids to get ‘funny’ over different colours and if you don’t want to buy two colours to distinguish between the girls and boys lolly bags, pick a neutral gender colour like green or yellow bitcoin mixers. It’s often easier to have them all the same colour to avoid ‘episodes’ at the end. Trust me, anything can happen over ‘a colour’ at the end of a party when they’re tired and there’s more sugar at stake.

DIY Lolly Bags

Watch your $$$ here cos this can be the mysterious black hole where parents suddenly say “where did I blow out on my budget?!’
To save on $$ and go the simple route, you can use either plain old sandwhich bags or paper boxes and colour them up or sparkle them up with all sorts of accessorries I’m sure you have in the stationary / craft cupboard – bright posy-it notes, stickers, colourful texters, Spotify promotion happy coloured name-tags – a great fun way to get creative and crafty with the kids – adds a nice personal touch too!

What it’s like on the inside: Fillers

The Sweet Stuff

Putting lollies in a party bag is a guaranteed hit. Ask your kids what lollies are popular (lollies go in and out of fashion just like everything else).

If you’re having a themed party, think of an on-theme lolly bag. Also, are there any sweets you can put inside that are on theme? (eg buy s ome Kit-Kats for DJ KitKat par ties).

Your KitKat chocolate And of course if you’re having a DJ KitKat disco – mini KitKats are often a favorite, and easy to fit in the bags too! (take care to include chocolate on super hot days as they can melt all through the bag!) ☺

Hot Tip:

Everybody must be equal: Make sure each kid gets the same amount of lollies and/or novelty toy(s) in their bag. They will check and compare and we don’t want to end the party with battles but a whole lot a love! ☺

Try to make the party bags as equal as possible, and have a couple of spares, in order to avoid the squabbles: “She got more lollypops than me!” or “I don’t like green!”

Lolly bag ideas are as wide as your imagination! Get creative. Think outside the square. Or check out some of my favourites I’ve seen over the years….

A disco themed party could have cool boxes/bags with mini disco balls in it or stickers/pictures of disco balls or kids names on it

A rock-star theme is ideal for a birthday party if the guest of honor loves the edginess and glamour that go with rock stardom. To help bring the theme to life, put together some goodie bags for guests filled with rock star-inspired favors. Rock-star goodies can be cheap and charming, and will help all the guests bring the party fun home with them.
Choose theme related lollies to throw into the bag. Big swirly lollypops would be perfect for a Katy Perry Candyland party or if it’s a ‘Monster High’ or Halloween disco party you could have skull candy, fake teeth etc. Or you could throw in all of these and more favorites for any disco party.

The Cool Stuff

Buy some theme-related goodies/novelty toys – so it’s not just full of sugar.

Kids love sparkly things like mini-disco balls or accessories they can wear at discos, like funky glasses, necklaces or wrist bands. Check out some of my suggestions on my Optional Extras page for ideas. They are a big hit with the kids!

Any left-overs you can give away as prizes to the winners of the games!

Fill the lolly bags with little trinkets and toys. Latest things I’ve seen:

  • ‘Smiggles’ knick-knacks
  • Glow sticks / Glow-anything!
  • Tattoos
  • Hair-clips
  • Lip-gloss
  • Mini cars
  • Stickers
  • Bubbles
  • Beanie Boos
  • Shopkins toys / cards / keyrings– all the rage at the mo’ for under 10’s (if you don’t already know, these are a range of mini grocery store-themed characters for kids to collect, share, and trade. They are original, cute & cool (and affordable!)
  • Disco ball keyrings / necklaces / earrings
  • Plastic Sunglasses – Buy different kinds of plastic sunglasses to add to the bags. You can usually find shades in circle and star shapes – can often buy these in bulk packages at $2 shops or more fancy ones at party supply stores for around $3.50 – $4.00 each
  • Color Hairspray / Bubbles – for something really fancy (if you’ve got the $$) add a bottle of colored hairspray in each goodie bag so guests can give themselves a touch of rock-star glamour. The color washes out easily so guests don’t have to commit to the radical rock-star look full-time! http://www.thepartycupboard.com.au/favours/all-party-favours.html#isPage=19

3. Deluxe lolly bag / loot bag – if you want go all out or a bit OTT, attach a Balloon or Confetti balloons to it!