About the 'Kool-Kats'

In addition to DJ KitKat herself, there’s a team of popular Disco Hosts called the ‘Kool-Kats’ who all have the same DJ KitKat enthusiasm, love of kids and musical know-how.

All of the ‘Kool-Kats’ are experienced at managing groups of children, both small and large, and have completed their Working With Children qualifications. 

" Thank you so much for being a part of the Diggers entertainment this year. It’s great having you on board, and we really appreciate everything you and all your fantastic Kool-Kats do. We look forward to continuing to work with DJ KitKat. "

Jake Awakian, Harbord Diggers,
Marketing Team Leader

Introducing the 'Kool-Kats'

'Kool-Kat' Lexie

DJ Lexie is a dancing and acting aficionado who has her eyes on a career in performance.

An experienced dance teacher in various kids dance studios, DJ Lexie knows how to bring out the moves in even the shyest of kids.

As a graduate from the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), and with her NIDA studies under her belt, she’s ready to take the musical theatre world by storm.

We asked DJ Lexie about her love of music and kids: 

What do you like about working with kids? Why do you want to be a kid’s DJ/disco host?

Kids have joyous energy and freedom when dancing. It's great to see a kid let loose having fun and just dancing to what the music makes them feel.

For example, when I was hosting Amelie's 9th Birthday party, the kids were so willing to try new moves with no care in the world. It inspires me to let go more and do the same.

What do you love about music? Describe a time where music had an impact on you.

Music allows me to express myself … especially when I get to share that joy with others. I was recently at a Matt Corby concert and everyone was so taken away by the music - moving to it in their own different ways. I felt united together experiencing it. Music is such an infinite thing!

Why did you study music / acting?

Taking an audience member away from the real world into a story (through music, dancing and acting) is why I decided to study.

Watching my favourite musical 'Into The Woods', which is a mixture of fairy tales, I loved how it transported people into a completely different majestic world. Secretly, I’ve always wished to play the role of the Baker’s Wife. It inspired me to continue with this exciting career!

Once you graduate, what are you aspiring to do with your exciting sparkly future ahead?!

I’d love to perform stories that transport people out of the real world into the imaginary world. I’d like to see myself in funny roles, like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (or as mentioned, the Baker’s Wife from ‘Into The Woods’). Whatever happens, I wish to inspire others and continue being creative! 

" I just wanted to say thank you to DJ Lexie last weekend at the Corpus Netball Disco! She was amazing and the kids had a ball! She was very professional and accommodating. "

Sam B, St Ives

" I’d like to express my appreciation for your ‘Kool-Kat’ Lexie. She was on time, very organised and so pleasant with the parents, children and myself. She was full of energy and smiles and made it an easy fun afternoon for all who came."

Lynette J, St. John's Playtime

" Although we originally wanted to book DJ KitKat herself (because we’d seen her before at our local RSL discos), we were pleasantly surprised with Lexie’s performance - she was super fun, high energy, mature & professional.

Whatever you’re doing, DJ KitKat, keep doing it! We were so happy with your girls and the DJ KitKat formula shines through! "

Dani, Allambie Heights

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for organising the DJ for Taylor’s party. Lexie was fabulous and the girls all had an amazing time. Thank you again."

Kylie M, West Pennant Hills

'Kool-Kat' Katie

DJ Katie is a music and life loving soul that squeezes every last drop out of the juice of life with a huge smile on her face and a beat in her step.

Having had her own DJ radio show on Bondi Radio and having danced up a storm on almost every dancefloor in Australia, she finally decided it was high time she got out from in front of the decks to behind them!

With her passion for all things love, life and music she knows how to get a dance floor moving to the best beat … their own heartbeat.

We asked DJ Katie about her love of music and kids: 

What do you like about working with kids? Why do you want to be a kid’s DJ/disco host?  

Kids are the purest source of fun and positive energy! I love being a DJ KitKat Kool-Kat because I get to let my inner child sing and dance without abandon with a room full of other kids! Music, singing, bubbles and kids having fun … what better combination could there be? 

What is it that you love about music? Describe one of your favourite music memories.

Music for me is my own personal rocket ship that is ready to go from here to anywhere at anytime! It is my personal transporting device from wherever I am to wherever I want to be!

Music is my best friend. It knows exactly what I need when I need it and delivers it to me without fail. Whether I need to cry a little harder, laugh a little louder or dance a little faster, music is right there beside me helping me do whatever it is I need to do. 

Music memories? Oooh that’s hard, I have so many! I used to dance around my Mum & Dad’s kitchen day in & day out – my mum said I would dance so hard I would fall over and look around to see who tripped me up!! I would kick the back of my Dad's car seat listening to Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkel.

One of my favourite memories is sunrise at Burning Man festival with the sun and the moon both high in the sky and the Pachanga Boys coming through the speakers. I was so happy I think I cried. In the dust, with my friends, hearing my favourite song at the best festival in the world! 

What are you aspiring to do with your exciting sparkly future ahead?!

My future ahead looks brighter and brighter these days. I hope to continue working with children on some level, for they are our future. I hope to see a happy, sparkly, loving and compassionate future for all.

I see my DJ career (for ‘grown-ups’) taking off in the next couple of years where I hope to be playing at all the best festivals and spreading light and love and compassion wherever I go. 

" Katie was amazing! She really connected with the kids and she had so much energy. The kids had a great time.
I was really impressed with the entire process from booking to completion. Thanks so much for making Abbey’s 6th birthday one to remember

Anna B, Pymble

" A huge thanks from us all to for making Olive’s 8th party such a success.  It was such a joy to watch 23 kids smiling and dancing for 2 hours and having fun together (even if they didn't all know each other). 

Parents have been telling me how much their little ones loved it and my daughter has had a smile on her face ever since.

You guys are very good at what do so keep up the good work!

Emma F, Avalon

'Kool-Kat' Romy

Romy brings to the DJ KitKat team years of experience as a musical performer and children’s entertainer. She really holds her own, running gigs of all sizes, and makes a party come alive!

Out and about with Romy
You may have already seen DJ Romy at her regular Friday night gigs at Harbord Diggers, or her other appearances at Pittwater RSL, school discos and of course, home-based kids birthday parties.

‘Kool-Kat’ Romy is a seasoned musician and dancer 
After graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from AIM (the Australian Institute of Music), she is currently studying at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art).

DJ Romy doesn’t just love music, she’s making a career out of it!

You may have already seen Romy around

Romy has performed in community musicals on the Northern Beaches with Manly Musical Society and Stage Artz since the age of eleven.

You may have also seen her entertaining children and adults alike at Luna Park’s ‘Showtime’ (where she also works as a clown). 

We asked DJ Romy about her love of music and kids: 

What do you like about working as a kids DJ?

I like working with kids because they have a wonderful energy and an irreverence about them that you just can't find anywhere else. Kids feel the music and move like they want to. They're not afraid of looking 'uncool' – they just love dancing and having fun and doing what comes to them in the moment. 

What do you love about music? Describe a time where music had an impact on you.

I love the feeling of community and togetherness you get with music. I love going to live concerts – everyone there is happy to be in that room, with everyone singing and dancing along. 

Why did you choose to study music?

I'm studying music because I love the way it can impact people like nothing else in the world can. You can tell a story, you can make people laugh, you can make your audience cry. You take them on a journey with you that's difficult to come across in any other art form. 

After graduation, what are you aspiring to do with your sparkly future ahead?!

I'd love to spend all my time telling people stories through song, taking them to places they'd never believe, with just my imagination! 

" Our DJ, Romy, was so fantastic! For someone who looks young, she was super experienced, in control of the party, and really had the girls engaged for the WHOLE time.

I could relax knowing there wouldn’t be any kids tearing up the house because they were so enthralled!

At first Emilia was nervous the party wasn’t going to be ‘cool’ enough … but later she didn’t want it to end and said ...That was the best party ever!

Rikke R, Mona Vale

" ‘KoolKat’ Romy was amazing. She’s a little pocket-rocket, so polite, and the kids loved her! Please pass on my thanks."

Simona S, Willoughby

" DJ Romy engaged really well with the kids and the different approach for K-2 and 3-6 was perfect. Have had lots of good feedback already (including one parent that said her boys described it as “amazing” and “awesome". "

Narrabeen Lakes Public School

'Kool-Kat' Keely

One of the original Kool-Kats, Keely has hosted many parties of all sizes. She is experienced, bubbly and confident.

Out and about with Keely
You may have already seen DJ Keely at her regular Friday night gigs at Harbord Diggers, or her other appearances at Northern Beaches yacht clubs, nippers discos and of course, home-based kids birthday parties.

Keely is an all-round achiever
A former high school captain, Keely has received many awards for leadership, teamwork and communication. She is also an active netballer, as a player, umpire and coach of children’s teams.

We caught up with Keely to learn more about why she loves being a disco host:

You finished school in 2013. What are you up to these days?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism at UTS. I’m also volunteering in the newsroom at the university’s radio station called 2SER. I’m gaining great practical experience and loving every minute! 

What do you like about working with kids? Why did you want to be a kid’s disco host?

I love working with kids because there is no better feeling than seeing little children have a great time. I wanted to be a kids’ disco host because I love dancing, entertaining and making people happy. 

What is your favourite thing about working with DJ KitKat?

My favourite thing about working with DJ KitKat is the jam sessions with the team where we make up new routines to the latest songs and have a laugh. 

Tell us about your background in dance and music...

I started dancing from the age of 3. I’ve done all styles of dance - ballet, contemporary, tap, contemporary dance and hip-hop. At high school, I got involved in American style cheerleading and we were national and state champions several years in a row. 

What do you love about music? Describe a time where music had an impact on you.

Music has always been a real passion of mine. Delta Goodrem’s music, as a young girl, had a great effect on me. I took up singing and keyboard lessons in my aspiration to be like her. Every time a great song plays on the radio or on my iPod, I want to get up and dance. Music makes me incredibly happy. When words fail, music speaks. 

After graduation, what are you aspiring to do with your sparkly future ahead?!

I would love to get a job in journalism. My ultimate goal is to be a television reporter or radio host so working with DJ KitKat helps me improve my performance and people skills.  

" Keely was absolutely fantastic and the kids (& teachers & parents) had an absolute ball. The music selection was spot-on and we were all dancing like maniacs till 9pm! Please pass on our thanks! "

Bec H, Newport Year 6 Graduation

" Just writing to say that Ellie had a FANTASTIC time for her birthday with DJ Keeley. All the girls LOVED the party. I've had lots of feedback from mums saying the girls all had an amazing time.
Ellie’s also has been raving about all the songs DJ Keeley played from her party! She chose cool songs – the kids are very picky about these things these days ha!

Joy W, Roseville

" Our disco host, Keely was fantastic last night!  The kids LOVED it and certainly had a FUN workout! Thanks for organising everything."

Kylie M., P&F Committee
Beacon Hill School Disco