Looking for an awesome kids’ party without the stress?

You’re busy running a family. It can feel pretty overwhelming to organise a kids’ party as well.

There’s so much to do – set the date, organise decorations and cake, send out invitations. But all that is nothing compared to the pressure of the party itself, when the kids arrive at the door and you need to keep them entertained.

How will it all come together on the day?

How do you keep kids occupied for two hours without them getting bored or running wild?
How do you keep a big bunch of kids both happy and safe?
How do you keep your sanity so you also have a good time?

You want your kids to say “That was the best party ever!”

And you want to remember the party for years to come, not because it was stressful, but because it was fun!

Hi, I’m Katka, also known as DJ KitKat. I’ve run hundreds of kids’ parties and school discos in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

I know how to structure your party (taking care of cake time, food and rest breaks) which means you get to relax and enjoy the party too.

Once I arrive at your place I confidently take control of the entertainment (so you don’t have to). I know how to use music, dance-offs & games to make the party flow so the kids won’t get bored.

Want to find out how we can make your kids’ party rock?

What our clients are saying..

" DJ KitKat is so helpful, a great ‘go-to’ person for kids parties. She even helped me find a venue in the local area! Thanks for making my party so stress-free. "
Clare S.

" A very happy bunch of kids and a daughter who will remember her 6th birthday party forever. I wasn't stressed so I could enjoy watching the kids having a great time.

All the kids were entertained and none of them wandered off because they were bored. I was expecting that there may be a few kids that I would need to keep occupied outside but you kept them captivated.

Thanks for the courtesy call a few days before and also on the day to let us know you were on your way – one less thing to worry about! "

Jo W.

" A great birthday party! Heaps of fun for kids, the adults enjoyed it as well.  I was able to relax as you had all the action covered!

We loved:
• Your enthusiasm, energy and ability to
engage all the kids
• Your professionalism made it so much
easier for me
• Your awareness of ALL the kids
(you made sure they all had a turn)
• You don't stress! Brilliant!
Kerry A.

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