Planning a family-friendly event with entertainment
that kids and parents love?

You’re busy running a community group or business. You barely have time to get everything done, let alone organise a big event.

Sure, it’s a great idea to have a family friendly event. But in reality, it takes time. A lot of time.

First you have to organise it: pitch the idea to your team, get it approved, advertise, set up staging and decorations…

And then there’s the stress of the day itself. You really want it to go well. You’ve only got one shot to make the day a success.

How do you find one act that caters for a wide range of ages?

Having a family friendly event means a lot of kids. You need to keep them occupied and safe.

How to keep both 5 yr olds and 12 yr olds entertained without them running wild or getting bored?

And how do you keep the grown-ups happy and tapping their toes too?

You want families to say “We have to come back here again!”

If the kids keep raving about how “cool” the event was, the parents will want to come back.

Because happy kids = happy parents = repeat business.

If the kids are satisfied, it reflects well on you.

Hi, I’m Katka, also known as DJ KitKat. I’ve run hundreds of kids’ discos and family oriented events in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

I know how to keep the kids captivated, which means you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Once I arrive at your venue I confidently take control of the entertainment (so you don’t have to). I know how to use music, dance-offs & games to make the party flow so the kids won’t get bored.

I’m known for parties that rock!.

Want to find out how we can make your event unforgettable?

What our clients are saying..

" We had been discussing a party for a while but had not found the right kind of entertainer.

Most entertainers are great for younger kids, but we wanted the 9-13 years olds to be just as excited. These kids generally don’t know how to party – at past events, they just ended up running around the hall whilst a few girls dance together.

When I saw Katka at another party I knew she could teach the kids how to dance and give them skills to party.

I wasn't too concerned about the costs because I figured if we got a regular DJ it would be a flop and I would have more strife!

By investing in a good quality entertainer I knew that the kids would have a good time. Then the next time we book you, we know it will sell out.

I would absolutely recommend Katka to others (and have done so already). Why? Because she is providing a service that is unique and top quality.

Her style absolutely fits with what I wanted to achieve with the party. Many thanks for such a great night.

Jenny & Tiffany
Avalon Nippers

" I had a grand opening to organise and I needed a roaming entertainer. I needed something different to a balloon making clown. A roaming kids DJ sounded perfect.

I booked DJ KitKat because her name is widely known in the local community. DJ KitKat added to the in-store vibe and created a fun atmosphere for our customers and families.

The great thing about DJ KitKat is that I didn’t have to re-explain my expectations on the day. Everything was done as discussed at the time of booking which made my job much easier and less stressful!

I’m happy to re-hire DJ KitKat because she is very energetic and passionate about her job – and it certainly shows during her gigs. "

Lucy Amirchian
Bunnings, Balgowlah

" At our club’s Xmas party, DJ KitKat was able to hold the children’s attention. It was especially good to see a lot of boys join in as they usually watch from the sidelines.

DJ KitKat connected with the audience and created a great party atmosphere for both children and adults, perfect for our family members and patrons. "

Sally Bacon
Events & Marketing
Royal Motor Yacht Club, Newport